Are you ready for the week?

Happy Sunday!

It was brought to my attention that the official end of summer is tomorrow, September 23rd. That means that (hopefully) the weather is gonna get a little cooler, days get a little shorter; and if you have kids in school they are finally getting into the swing of things. Can you believe how quickly time goes by?

This weekend I had the honor of celebrating my brother’s wedding day. One of the parents in the family made a statement that had a huge impact on me. We were talking about how much we’ve all grown up and how crazy it is to see her kids grow into young adults. She then said that as a parent “the days are long, but the years are short.”

I don’t have children, but even so, I fully understood what that meant. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the thick of things, that it is hard to see what’s on the other end. However, once life ‘settles down’ it can be a huge shocker to see that a few months/years have gone by.

The best way to overcome being overwhelmed by life is to set some expectations and goals for the week. Not only should you be setting goals, but also work backwards and identify the actions needed to accomplish them. Set yourself up for success even before the week starts.  Here are some ways for you to do that:

Goal: Complete 4 workouts this week

Action steps: Block out your calendar for designated workout time. Treat it like an appointment for yourself and do whatever it takes to make that appointment. Yes, life does happen and you might have a change of plans. Also create a contingency plan for if you can’t workout at the gym (example: go for a run, switch all elevator transportation to stairs)

Goal: Follow your nutrition plan for the entire week

Action step: Purchase your groceries tonight, and plan on having a serving of vegetables at every single meal. If you already did your grocery shopping, that’s awesome! Make sure that you have a way to easily eat the veggies that you’ve prepared this weekend. Going out to eat with friends/work? Ensure that you add a vegetable to your meal to help out with digestion. (However, if you are dreading following your nutrition plan, perhaps it isn’t the best for you. If you want to find out the right program for you, book a free no snack intro with our nutrition coach at this link)

Goal: Sleep 7 hours every single night this week.

Action step: You’ve probably heard to stop looking at any screens 2 hours before bed. However, this could be a very hard action to take. So start small by setting a 2 hour “no email” window before bed. You’ll notice that falling asleep and quality of sleep will improve significantly! From there, add more action items to this window, including eliminating screens and replacing it with family time.

Goals are awesome. They are a great way to set the intention for the upcoming days, weeks, months, and years. But it is the actions we make that get us closer to them. The team here at Hudson River Fitness is here to help you take action. Whether you need help with your fitness, nutrition or both, we can break down the steps to make it possible for you to win.

If you are ready for that change, book your free no sweat intro with a coach at this link. This 20 minute meeting will help us help you achieve your goals. 

Have a great week,


PS- We will be running two 28 day nutrition challenges between Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you are interested in hearing more, reply to this message.

*Not ready to start now? No worries, we aren’t going anywhere.


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