Want to hear an interesting fact of women in business?

Hey Pandas! 

Ashley and I had the opportunity to network with a bunch of awesome individuals in Jersey City this week who were all inspiring and interesting in their own way. It was brought to our attention that day that this month marks only 25 years that women have been able to own their own business without the signature of a male relative on their business loans. Yes… you read that correctly. 

The Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988 put an end to state laws that required women to have male relatives sign business loans. According to an article from the Huffington Post, “One female [witness at the time] who didn’t have a husband or father to co-sign her business loan “had to ask her 17-year-old son to co-sign for her — when he couldn’t even vote,” she says.

The unfortunate reality is that women are only now finally being recognized as equals to their male counterparts in all aspects of life, especially in the world of career and business. It is mind-blowing that laws, such this, have only begun to pave the way for us women to find successes and be valued for what we are truly worth. 

I wanted to take a moment to shout out all of our bad-ass female members who are fighting everyday to make a name for themselves and their family. It is people like you who are making it possible for these gaps to close and new doors to continue to open for women everywhere. Take a moment this week to send gratitude to yourself and those around you for the hard work that is put in day in and day out. 

You are strong. You are tough. You are AMAZING. 

Interested in reading more? Find out some more information at the article linked here:


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