Are you not prepared for the week?

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday and think, “oh my goodness where did the weekend go?” and then start to panic about the things that you have to do over the next 7 days? Then you think about how you are going to handle all the activities, assignments, and other things in your schedule while also keeping up with your fitness and nutrition routine? This used to happen to me, and still pops up in my head on occasion. However, the best way to make it so that you can crush the week is all about planning. 

It isn’t necessarily about having to plan everything out to the minute (although this can be helpful for some people). Planning out your week can be something as little as identifying your priorities, setting goals for the week and then working backwards to identify how you are able to accomplish them.  Here are the 5 action steps to making this week the best week ever:

  1. Determine what you want to accomplish over the next 5 days

  2. Set deadlines for those goals (if you want to make it a three day weekend, set it for Wednesday!)

  3. Break down those goals into actionable tasks and schedule them in your calendar

  4. Budget an additional hour per day to dedicate to wildcard tasks/meetings

  5. Treat these tasks like appointments. Do everything you can to not miss them.

Don’t forget to make sure you are keeping up with working out at least three times this week and ensure that you are getting proper sleep. Most importantly, plan on eating minimally processed foods so that your mind and focus can be on point.

Take these action steps today and start your week on the right foot!

You got this.

Have a great week,


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