Back to school breakfast recipes!

A few words from our nutrition coach Amber!

School is back in session and I’m sure every parent is dreading the morning rush. Wake up, round up the kids, make sure they brush their teeth, hair, are dressed, ready to slay their day. All the while you are trying to get yourself presentable for work and maybe have 15 minutes to spare for a quick breakfast for the family.  There are three things to keep in mind when trying to organize something to eat for you and your clan: don’t rely on cereal, don’t forget the protein and most importantly- don’t skip breakfast. Everyone needs to start the day powered with lean protein and whole grains. The benefits of eating breakfast is backed by strong scientific evidence; it’s brain food for you to power through your day at work and for your kids in school. Also, those who eat breakfast are less likely to become overweight later in life. 

I have gathered some of my favorite breakfast recipes to make quickly in the AM or make over the weekend to have your breakfast armed and ready throughout the week, because who doesn’t want an easier yet healthier morning?! Kid and Parent friendly!

Make ahead breakfast options for easy grab and go mornings:


Make sure you choose a whole grain/whole wheat pizza dough, or if you want to make day of, use a whole-grain pita bread!


This is one of my favorites! Let’s swap out the tater tots for sweet potato for more of a nutrient packed option. The sweet potato adds fiber and vitamin A and C. Get creative and add a bunch of veggies in here like chopped broccoli or even shredded zucchini, this is an easy way to add more vegetables to yours and your kids day!


 I am the oatmeal queen and this is Amber approved! Give this simple recipe a protein bump by adding in grass fed whey protein isolate (yes this is ok for kids to eat!) to make this a bit more satiating and also helping have a protein packed meal that kids and you need!


With these, just swap out the english muffin for a whole grain option, use real cheese (not kraft singles).

Busy Morning, Stress free last minute ideas:


This option is quick and super easy! I would replace the single cheese packets with real cheese and replace the white tortilla with a whole grain or whole wheat tortilla or sprouted grain bread for more fiber, which keeps you full longer and your gut healthy!


Simple and delicious! Just add a hard boiled egg and you have yourself a complete breakfast!


You can’t get easier or healthier than a smoothie. I personally like to pre-chop my fruits and veggies and pack individual freezer bags and in the morning I just have to dump them into a blender with flax milk (Feel free to ask me why Flax Milk is my preferred dairy alternative milk!). I would add a scoop of protein powder to get that easy protein bump for the morning! This site has so many delicious options for breakfast smoothies. 

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