3 stretches to fix your hips and your shoulders!


There is a common phrase amongst health and wellness professionals that states “sitting is the new smoking”. I would like to take it a step further. “Being sedentary is the new smoking”. If you look at the breakdown of a typical day in the office, about 70% or more of that time is spent sitting in front of a computer. Combine that with the commute on the bus or the train and chilling on your couch. There is a large portion of the day where we humans are spent being sedentary.

This can cause problems down the road which include an elevated risk of chronic diseases, increased risk of injury, and other issues. Implementing some sort of daily movement practice is crucial to your health and wellness. Here are three stretches/movements that you can implement this week to help with your hips and shoulders. These should all be done pain free. You could even experience an increase in energy, awareness, flexibility, and maybe your pain will go down.

  1. The wall shoulder stretch: Consider this the downward facing dog position but standing up. This way you can pretty much do it anywhere without people giving you a weird and dirty look. Start by facing a wall and placing your palms on the wall at shoulder height. With your knees slightly bent, you will push your butt back as far as you can while driving your chest towards the floor (not your face). You will feel an amazing stretching in your shoulders, chest, lats, and also in between your shoulder blades. To add a little extra, exhale as you go down towards the floor. Once you reach maximal stretch, stand back up while inhaling. Repeat 10x and as many times as you’d like throughout the day (or as your schedule allows you to).

  2. Boot strappers- do this when you’re at home and in comfortable shorts/pants/joggers. Stand with your feet about shoulders width apart, bend over and grab your ankles with straight elbows. Sit your butt down to the bottom of the squat, trying to keep your knees over the middle of your foot, elbows straight and chest up. You will feel an amazing stretch in your inner thighs, and hips. Continue to hold onto your feet as you drive your hips up into the ceiling to stretch out your hamstrings (exhale at maximal stretch). Then bring your butt back down to the resting position. Do this for about 10 repetitions. This is done best in the morning and night.

  3. Cossack squat- This is going to really open up your hips! Start with your feet outside your shoulders with the toes slightly turned out. Shift your weight to one leg, and drive your hips back and down as you lower into a deep side lunge. You should be feeling an intense stretch in the straighter leg, and a stretch in the hip of the bent leg. Once you get to the end range (keep your heel on the ground), return to the resting position. Alternate to the other side. Complete 10 reps per side and do this 2x/day.

If you are a current client, these stretches will help you recover from this week’s workouts which includes a lot of glute, hamstring, and shoulder work!

If you are looking for more videos of mobility exercises, check us out @hudsonriverfitness on instagram!

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