8 days left…

The weekend is usually a time where people deviate from their daily routine. It makes perfect sense as there is little to no work and stress on Saturday and Sunday. This often includes sleeping in, going to the gym to workout, eating out a restaurant and having more than one glass of wine.

It is perfectly fine to kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend. However, the moment we start using exercise and diets as a way to “earn the weekend” we start to enter a broken relationship with the two modalities that keep us healthy.

The weekends should be used for recovery, leisure, and a break from the stresses between Monday and Friday. Taking a break from healthy eating for the weekend can result in associating proper nutritional behaviors with a weekly stress. As a result, week after week it gets increasingly harder to return back into the swing of things, and it gets easier and easier to stay at the status quo.

Your action step for the weekend is to approach the next few days as a way to recover from your work stresses; go to the gym; hang out with your family; and enjoy the food and drink that you eat. Approach your behaviors on the weekend as a way to recharge your energy levels so that you can feel great on Monday.

We have 8 days until Quitters day. Don’t be another statistic and quit on your goals next Sunday. Stay consistent and reach out if you need help.

If you are ready to make a change this year book a call with a team member today.

Have a great weekend,



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