The power of why…

Quitters Day is 96 hours away. Scientific data has shown that most people will give up on their new years resolution on January 19th. This week we’ve been discussing action steps to help you avoid being another statistic. Monday we covered writing down a list, yesterday we talked about how to get rid of obstacles, and today we’ll be focusing on your ‘why’.

Let’s face it…. Humans are irrational beings. We make many of our decisions based on emotion even though logic may say otherwise. Try this out…. next time you do something, ask yourself why. Ask this question five more times. More often than not, you’ll probably find out that the factor driving your decision was based on an emotion. Apply this same exercise to your health and fitness goals.

The doctor has told you that you’re overweight which is causing your health issues (high blood pressure) and knee pain. Is this enough of a reason for you to make a change to your lifestyle? Logic says yes, as losing the weight will result in less chronic disease and pain. However, the moment that life is overwhelming the first thing to disappear are healthy fitness and nutrition behaviors. We’ve all been there before.

But if you linked that weight loss goal to something that motivates and drives you, nothing will stand in your way. Does losing the weight reduce chronic disease risk? Absolutely. But will it also increase the likelihood that you can keep up with your growing children? Do you want to be the parent who can’t be active with their child because of being out of shape? Would this make you a good parent? All these emotional ties push you forward to not give up on yourself.

If you have a fitness/health goal and don’t have a strong reason on why that goal is so important to you, the likelihood of you succeeding is minimal. Look at all the times you’ve given up and you’ll notice that the emotional drivers weren’t there. Now think about all the times you truly made a change for the better. The big difference is the reason why that change was to be made in the first place.

From now on, before you start any routine or goal, think about why it’s so important for you to change. Ask yourself that question 5 times. Once that reason is strong enough to move you, you’re ready.

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