What does the future look like?

We are 72 hours away from Quitters Day. If you missed it, we’ve been discussing the action steps necessary to ensure that you don’t quit on yourself. Monday was all about writing down your obstacles, Tuesday we removed them, yesterday we focused on your ‘why’.

Today we’re talking all about the future. Take a moment today and envision what the future would look like when you achieve your goals. How different would life be compared to where you’re at now. Are you going to have more confidence? Will your clothes fit better? Will you feel happier? The more vivid this image is to you, the more likely you’ll succeed.

If you can’t imagine how different life is when achieving your goals, you may either be setting the wrong goal for yourself… or you didn’t really give yourself an opportunity to truly think about it.

Envisioning the future is a strong action step that you can do on a daily basis, which allows you to have a picture of how things will be when you reach your destination. Not only is this helpful with achieving goals, visual imagery is also a really great tool to treat chronic pain.

You get extra points when you write it down and share that with a friend. Better yet, share them with me. I would love to hear all about it.



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