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Did you know that being pain free and dancing share one very common characteristic? Both need sufficient coordination and rhythm in order to function optimally.

This week we’re talking about everything related to helping you fix your back pain and prevent it from returning. This includes: MRIs, flexibility, and core stability.

One of the most overlooked aspects of treating and preventing low back pain is rhythm and coordination. In order for the core to function properly, three systems need to be working in sequence- passive structures (ligaments), muscular system, and the nervous system.

When you flex your bicep, that specific muscle belly isn’t the only one that contracts. In fact, the mechanism of action (explained simply here) is as follows: the motor cortext of the brain representing the bicep sends a signal down the nerves, and it also stimulates the shoulders, pecs, and core to ensure that the muscle is able to move on a stable surface. Being sedentary actually reduces the ability for us to coordinate all the muscles and nerves to fire in the correct sequence. Repeated motions without the right sequence can lead to pain and dysfunction.

How can you identify that you need a little help with coordination? (chewing gum and walking doesn’t count). Here are some signs that you should be looking into adding some core rhythm exercises into your daily routine: recurring back pain (even with stretching and stability work), constantly tight joints (no matter how much you mobilize), and the inability to properly create full body tension.

You can confirm that you need help with core coordination by assessing your rolling patterns. Rolling on the floor is the next fundamental movement that we need to be proficient in doing before anything else (second to breathing, we can cover this at a later time). We wouldn’t be able to walk around today if we didn’t learn how to roll from our backs to stomachs and vice versa when we were babies. However, the moment we were able to crawl, walk, or run, we were told to sit still. I still remember my first grade teacher telling me to sit down when all I want to do is move around. I still fidget and can’t sit still (ask my graduate school teachers about this).

As our motor skills developed and time being sedentary increases, we lose the ability to sequence our core which translates into difficulty/inability to roll around. This sounds simple, but adding this back into our routine for a short period can actually have profound impacts.

There are 4 major rolling patterns: stomach to back, back to stomach, utilizing the upper extremities and lower extremities. You can test out each motion by following this video (lower body 1, lower body 2, upper body 1, upper body 2). Identify the rolling patterns that are hard to follow and complete 3 sets of 5 for each movement. Practice them on a daily basis until you can complete them without difficulty or compensation.

The next step is to challenge the positions more by increasing the time under tension and complexity. Which brings us to the Turkish Getup. This is actually the best and most powerful exercise for pain, strength, stability, and body composition. If there was one exercise that you can do that trains everything, this is it. No need to go through this quickly, in fact, the slower you move, the better it gets. Complete 3 sets of 3, and up to sets of 5 per side. Once you are able to flawlessly complete the movement, it is time to add some weight (kettlebell or dumbbell; barbell if you’re feeling sassy).

Low back pain has many factors and most medical professionals and coaches have successfully addressed strength, stability, and flexibility. Coordination is one of those factors that often gets overlooked which can delay a full recovery.

If you feel like you’ve been working on your back pain recovery for the past 3 months or greater (chronic issues), then take a look at your coordination. Either ask your physical therapist/coach or try these yourself. Feel free to share this with a friend who is suffering as well. We’d love to help them.

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