3 Minute Stretch Break

We’ve been focusing entirely on taking action on your health and fitness goals this week. On Monday we made a list, Tuesday we went for a walk, Wednesday included a short (yet effective) workout, today we are gonna take a moment and stretch.

For most people working in the NY metropolitan area, being “on the go” is normal. This makes it super difficult to make the time to workout. The best workouts for this type of schedule are short, sweet, and intense (to learn more about our 30 and 45 minute training sessions, book a call here). However, the downfall to being constantly “on the go” is that there’s little to no time to focus on recovery. Yes, you might be able to get 6-7 hours of sleep per day, but it is also important to move around at low intensities so that your body can recover.

Combine the factors of being overworked, stressed, sedentary, and having minimal time to stretch/recover, will result in stiff/achy joints and an increased injury risk. You can minimize the risk by getting sufficient sleep, moving well, eating well (book a call with our nutrition coach here), and performing daily mobility techniques. Here are our three favorite movements to incorporate into daily recovery:

1) Thoracic spine rollout. No foam roller? No problem, a wine bottle will suffice.

2) Deep lunge hip flossing. This is perfect for tight hips after a long day of sitting. Use this at the beginning, middle and end of the day. Extra points if you do this before you squat!

3) The old Chinese lady low back stretch! No equipment needed with this one. Use it after long hours of sitting.

This all takes less than 7 minutes to complete at home. Let us know how you feel after you try these out! Better yet, share with me your favorite stretches!

Have a great day,



If you’re a mom or mom to be (or know someone), we’ll be hosting a pelvic floor physical therapy seminar on February 29th at 11:15am. This will be after the SLAM Hoboken workout class at 10:15. Learn all about the care for your pelvic floor with Dr. Judith Meer of the Pelvic PT. You can rsvp at this link.

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