3 minute read: It’s time to celebrate!

This week was all about action and if you’ve been following along, hopefully the past few days helped you get some steps towards your health/fitness goals! If you just started reading these messages, here is a breakdown of what we did this week.

Monday: Make a list. Putting goals and action steps on paper will make it more likely that you’ll follow through. Extra bonus points if you shared that with a friend, or with me!

Tuesday: Take a walk. Setting aside 30 minutes per day to walk doesn’t just help your heart, but it also helps clear up your mind so you can enter the flow state more easily. If you feel like you procrastinate at work, this is a perfect action.

Wednesday: Allot yourself three 45 minute time blocks to focus on your health and fitness. It can be a HIIT class or better yet, come join us and lift some weights to focus on your health goals. Book a call here.

Thursday: Take a few minutes and stretch. We shared our 3 favorite stretches to do on a daily basis to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and minimize injury risk!

Friday: Today. Think about all of the things that went well this week. No matter how big or small, write them down: in a notebook or even by replying to this email. By taking the time to focus on the good things that occured this week, you are practicing Bright Spots. In our private members’ Facebook group, we celebrate every win at the end of the week. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend. This is also a way to boost motivation.

You see, it can get very easy to see all the things that are going wrong in the world and in our lives. But once we look at what’s good, we realize that we are in fact making forward progress. Seeing the awesome little changes we make on a weekly basis is what keeps the motivation growing. If you feel like you’ve lost motivation, take 5 minutes today and think about what’s going well.

If you haven’t taken any action this week towards your health and fitness goals, and you need some additional motivation. Reply to this email. We’d love to help you.

Have a great weekend,



If you’re a mom or mom to be (or know someone), we’ll be hosting a pelvic floor physical therapy seminar on February 29th at 11:15am. This will be after the SLAM Hoboken workout class at 10:15. Learn all about the care for your pelvic floor with Dr. Judith Meer of the Pelvic PT. You can rsvp at this link.

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