Anterior pelvic tilt?

Your pelvic position can influence your pain.

Why this matters:

The pelvis is the area sitting between your two hip bones. It’s the formation of three bones: the sacrum and 2x iliums. They lock together like lego pieces, and support the spine. If your pelvis is tilted forward, AKA “anteriorly”, then there is going to be a more pronounced curve to your lower back. Think, more arched. When the back is arched too much, it can cause compression on the nerves, making the hamstrings, low back, and hip flexors (crease of your hips) feel really tight. It is important to have enough motion both forward and backward to reduce the amount of stress on your back and nerves.

Action steps:

This week we’ll be focusing specifically on this pelvic tilt. The first step is identifying if you have it. Look at yourself in the mirror from the front. Find the two hip bones on the front of your pelvis. This is the area where your underwear waistband usually sits. Are they pointing straight forward and even with the horizon? Or are they pointed downwards to the floor? This may indicate a pelvic tilt.

Another way to spot it is to look at yourself in the mirror from the side. Is your back a very prominent “S” shape, or is it a flatter “S”? If it’s more prominent, then you may be dealing with an anteriorly rotated pelvis. Stay tuned as we take the next few days to cover how to manage this. You may even feel an improvement in your pain.


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