Are your glasses causing your neck pain?

Are your glasses causing your neck pain?

After your eye exam and after you choose your frames, the next step is measuring your focal point. This piece of data is crucial to identifying the spot of where your eyes would spend the most time for focus. Improper placement of the focal point on glasses would result in misalignment and poor fitting of the glasses.

I had a pair of glasses that did not have the focal points lined up. As a result, my neck was placed in a position (forward, chin jutting out) and over time my neck was killing me, it was sore and fatigued all the time.

The interesting fact was when I wore contacts, this was not a problem at all.

I quickly identified that these poor fitting glasses were the source of my neck pain and something needed to be changed. So I went to the optometrist and had it fixed. Upon receiving my ‘new’ glasses, my neck position went back to normal and I was able to see and didn’t have any pain.

As physical therapists, we cover more than just what happens during a session…. A treatment/training session only accounts for 4% of the day. Identifying the other factors in your life is crucial to a pain free life.


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