Better than pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts will only get you so far.

Why this matters:

Pelvic tilting is a great activity for those dealing with an anterior pelvic tilt and an extension intolerance (backbends make your pain worse). It works by rotating the pelvis backwards, putting you into relative spinal flexion or a neutral spine. The spine was designed to move, but the core muscles surrounding it were designed to create stability. In many cases, we lose that stability because of inactivity or twisting too much at the spine. The pelvic tilt is a great exercise, but we need to apply it to our day to day activities.

When dealing with a pelvic tilt, it is often done on your back. But how can we apply that same position in standing? 

Action step:

This arm exercise is a great way to engage the core and stabilize in standing. All you need is a band and a doorway. If you’re considering doing some core work, this would be a great addition to your routine. I usually recommend 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. This builds strength and endurance.

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