Cure for tight hamstrings

You’re missing out if you are only “stretching” your hamstrings.

Why this matters:

Hamstring tension may be a cause of sciatica pain. Tight hamstrings may pull on the pelvis, increasing the rounding opportunities of your low back. The common hamstring stretch is when you are kicking your leg straight forward and bending down as well. There are 2 limitations to this: you’re stretching out the sciatic nerve (which doesn’t prefer static stretching), and static stretching may actually decrease muscle strength (which we need strong muscles!) There’s a much better way to address these muscles.

Action steps:Massaging the hamstrings allows for improved mobility can focus on specific parts of the muscle (the hamstrings extend from your sit bones to the back of the knee). I recommend using a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. Spend about 2 minutes per side and feel the difference!


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