Do this stretch if your back is “arched”

Stretching tight muscles and joints can be really beneficial to reducing your low back pain. If your stiff and your body is not moving, these stretches allow your body to loosen up and move more fluidly.

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of identifying the right spinal position for you.  If your back is a little more ached, flexion will work really well for you

You can increase the intensity with forward flexion by doing a standing forward bend.. You bring your chin to your chest and focus on flexing forward and each vertebrae, one at a time. On the way up, move one vertebrae at a time to ensure proper control throughout the stretch

  You can complete 5 of these awesome stretches to open up your back. Avoid doing this in the morning.

This is perfect for people who are extremely arched in the low back and conditions such as stenosis, spondylosis and spondylolisthesis

Tomorrow I’ll cover what happens if the pain is localized or more concentrated on one side.

Have you found relief in any of the stretches so far? Comment below.


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