Emergency Room for Sciatica Pain

This is not an episode on whether or not you should go to the ER. Today we interviewed Tiffany Ryder, PA-C an emergency department Physician’s Associate. We discuss how the emergency department can help with managing pain. Hint: they determine if your pain is a life or limb threatening event, and then point you in the right direction for care.

You can also find her substack here: https://tiffanyryder.substack.com/

Check out the sciatica protocol here: sciaticaprotocol.com

Here’s the self cheat sheet for symptom management: https://ifixyoursciatica.gymleadmachine.co/self-treatment-cheat-sheet-8707

Booking Link: https://msgsndr.com/widget/appointment/ifixyoursciatica/strategy-call


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