Finally recovered

So I am finally recovered from the epic weekend up in Portland. My ears have returned back to normal, and my knees/hips and back are feeling great. Here’s what I did yesterday to maximize my recovery:

1) Slept 8 hours. I was exhausted from the trip. Knowing that my schedule was going to be pretty busy, I went to bed earlier than usual (around 8pm). Luckily my wife and I prepped some foods for the week before we left (it was a chili).

2) Went to the gym. I woke up at my usual time and headed to the gym to get a little work out in. I knew that I was still pretty sore and achy so I wasn’t expecting to go super heavy or hard; the focus was on moving. I went through my workout (about an hour) and then called it a day. It felt good to move again with my usual sneakers and workout attire.

3) Drank a ton of water. When you aren’t in your natural habitat, drinking water on a regular basis can be challenging. Luckily I had a water bottle and filter at home, so I rehydrated as best as I could.

4) Spent a lot of time on my feet. In addition to seeing clients, I made sure that I did not spend too much time sitting or crunched. I knew that this was going to be my savior.

5) Gave myself a little bit of a break yesterday. I knew I was coming off of a big weekend and that my energy levels will be pretty low. So I said to myself that I can do what I can today; if I could do more, awesome…. If I couldn’t, it’s not the end of the world.

These are simple action steps but they work. There is already so much information on how to maximize recovery, resolve pain, and prevent pain. The key is putting them into practice. So if you are feeling overwhelmed with your journey, ask yourself “what is one action that I can take today that I know will help?”

You have permission to do that one thing. Share your action step with me to keep you accountable.


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