First step to fixing an “arched” back

Does your back get really tight after standing or walking for hours?

Yesterday the back bend focused specifically with extension. If you’re hunched over and your back is flat, this movement would  make your back feel great after hours of sitting in a chair/couch.

But if you felt a pinch in your low back with this movement, or have an accentuated low back arch, then today’s movement, the forward bend can actually be really helpful for you. This is also really helpful if your back hurts after standing/walking for hours. The forward bend is synonymous with the term, spinal flexion.

One of my favorite variations is the double knees to chest. You’ll get onto your back, pull both knees into your chest like you are doing a cannonball. Add a little more flexion by elevating your hips. You can also intensify that movement by assuming thee “happy baby pose”  You can either do 10 pulses, or hang out there for 30s, every 3-4 hours.

Not only will this provide some gapping at the spine, but it’s also a great way to move the hips, as a result, it is a multi joint stretch.


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