Fit it forward day 3

Today is the third day of our Fit it Forward challenge. This week we are working on your happiness.


Yesterday, we sincerely thanked 10 people. Here is today’s challenge task


Share a book. Read one to a kid, give one to a friend, talk about them in our Hudson River Fitness Members group. Got a great one you don’t need to read again? Donate it to the Panda  library. Stuck for ideas? Borrow one from the library (ask one of the coaches) No charge, no deadline.


Stuck on how to find a new book to read?


Here is a little more action from my mentor Chris Cooper:

1. Eighty percent of the time, buy the audio version. Twenty percent of the time, buy the print version. For instance, the first chapter of “Scaling Up” is almost impossible to follow in audio. You have to buy the print version. On the other hand, any of Nassim Taleb’s books are far more entertaining as audio.


2. Don’t be scared to buy multiple copies. I found myself lending out “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” to everyone and never having a copy on hand. Now, if you visit the workshop, you’ll see 20 copies of that book, 20 copies of “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and 20 copies of “Never Split the Difference” on my shelves. I hand them out to nearly everyone (my nieces and nephews have stacks of books from Uncle Chris by now).


3. Don’t place a budget on books. Like mentorship, you’ll get personal growth from books … but your business will pay for it. Every book is a tax-free, life-changing event.


4. There’s no such thing as a bad book. But don’t get buried: Overwhelm leads to paralysis. 


5. It’s better to retain a little than to read a lot. To make the messages from each book stick, I have to “teach them back.” That means talking about them with other people, or just blogging about them in my own words. 

Let US know you’re doing the challenge! Tag yourself in on our instagram/facebook post, and make it your profile pic for the week! You don’t have to tell anyone what it means if you don’t want to, but we wanna know that the Hudson River Fitness family doing some good out there!

Have a great day,



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