Fix a herniated disc

Discs move, and need movement to heal.

Why this matters:

The jelly in the discs will move in the direction of least resistance and pressure. Your pain is caused by a herniated disc if your pain gets worse with bending forward, and sitting; but also improves if you lean back, stand, or walk.

Another overlooked position movement is side bending. If your pain improves by leaning towards the pain, but gets worse when leaning away from pain, we’re most likely dealing with a herniated disc.

Action steps:

The most common exercise for disc herniations are a standing backbend (aka extension) or a prone press-up.

Another option is leaning to the side of pain. If your pain is on the left, this may be a good direction to move. If your pain is on the right, then this may be a good movement.

I recommend a set of 10, every hour or so. Also, try to minimize the opportunities to round forward, for now, until you are pain free.

Remember, an improvement means if your pain reduces in intensity, size, or moves up closer to your spine.


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