Free your hip flexors

Your quad muscles influence your pelvis position.

Why this matters:

Yesterday we talked about how the anterior pelvic tilt can influence how your back and pain are feeling. One component to the anterior pelvic tilt include tight hip flexors. A muscle group that is often not included in the hip flexors, but should be, are the quadricep muscles. They have two main actions, straightening your knee, and bending (aka flexing) your hip. When the thigh bone doesn’t move, it actually pulls on your pelvis forward, so that it is “anteriorly rotated”. Being in this position too long can result in excessive motion at the back, and even too much arching.

If you feel worse with backward bending or have conditions like spondylosis or stenosis, then the following technique can be helpful for you.

Action steps:

Roll out your quad muscles. Simply take a foam roller or wine bottle (if you enjoy wine) and place it on the floor. Massage the top half of your thigh muscle, and you’ll notice that there are a couple knots to work out. Spend some time on these areas on both sides, and see how you feel as a result. I like to spend about 2 minutes per side.If you would like to see more customized exercises and stretches for your relief, check out the Sciatica Protocol. We’ll follow up with you on a daily basis to see if you’re making progress, and we’ll make changes for you as needed. Claim your free trial today.


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