Get out of a chair pain free

Your hips aren’t doing enough work.

Why this matters:

One common problem that my clients experience is pain when getting out of a chair. This applies to eating meals at a table, getting out of an office chair, or even getting out of a car. There are often two main reasons as to why this is problematic. The first is how you are sitting (we’ll cover this in another email); but the other reason is often overlooked where the act of rising from a chair is problematic. 

Tight or inactive hips is a common reason why the act of rising can be problematic. If you lack the hip mobility to rise, the back has to do the work. This can either make a disc herniation a little more irritated (rounding of the back), or cause a spinal stenosis to pinch the nerve (if you arch the back too much).

Action step:This video shows you how to maximize motion at your hips, so that getting up will be less painful. As you can see, the focus is on improving your hip motion, to take the stress off of your back.


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