Get out of a chair without pain

You can squat pain free.

Why this matters:

We’re going to need to sit and rise from a chair. You do not need to feel pain when changing positions and we will have to sit at some point in our day. So how can this be done? By ensuring that the hips are doing its job by moving. Disregard the cue “chest up”, this is an overutilized term and can cause more pain than relief. Think about leaning the head forward as you sit down. As a result, the hips will move more fluidly and you won’t be feeling pain.

Action steps:This video shows a great representation of how you can rise from a chair. As you can see, the hips move, so that the back doesn’t need to. As a result, there’s less pain. You may also notice that this is the same position or movement at the squat. If you haven’t been able to exercise because of pain, this movement can be done as an exercise when executed properly.


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