How long will my pain last?

Sciatica pain recovery is dependent on a few factors.

Why this matters:

Recovery takes time, but it does depend on the circumstances. Is your pain caused by a trauma or event? Then it is going to take about 6-12 weeks to recover, just on the healing process alone. You’re dealing with the inflammation (pain and swelling), proliferation (healing), and maturation phase (scar tissue formation, if any). So if you recall that the cause of your pain was traumatic, then this is what the usual healing time should be. There is also another large group of folks who will resolve with just time (up to 12 weeks). In this situation, time and activity modification is key.

When you are outside of the 12 week period, you’ve reached the chronic stage of pain. Whatever tissues that need to be healed, have healed. At this point we are dealing with some changes in the brain (it is now “used” to feeling pain), and recurring irritation (picking a scab). We need to modify activities and find activities that will encourage your recovery.

Here’s a good rule: For every month that you’ve been suffering from pain, it will take about a week to recover back to your normal days.

Action steps:

Ask yourself, what stage of healing am I in? Do you need time to heal? Do you need more direct stretches and exercises? Do you need to modify activity?

If you don’t quite know how to answer those questions, book a call with us so we can help you figure this once and for all.

If you would like to have customized stretches for you, at the fraction of the price and time it takes to hire a professional, check out the Sciatica Protocol. You can claim your free 3 day trial here.


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