How to break free from your pain

No detail is too minute.

Why this matters:

We need all the details to manage sciatica and other pain. Every piece of information is important: from when/how the pain started to what your typical daily routine is like. Answering the questions provided by your doctor, physical therapist, coach allows them to figure out what is going on.

Action steps:

If a provider is helping you and they are asking you a ton of questions, this is a great thing. If you tell them you’re in pain and they don’t change a thing, or just give you one exercise after another, it’s time to find another person to help you. Here are some questions you should be looking for:

1) What positions, exercises, or stretches make your pain better?

2) What makes your pain worse?

3) How much of x (activity) can you tolerate before pain?

4) Let’s see how you walk

5) Let’s see how you stand

The questions above are the bare minimum. Get yourself prepared to answer these questions to help you with the solution.


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