How to improve your sleep

Is pain limiting your sleep?

Why this matters: 

The research shows that a lack of sleep will result in more pain sensitivity. You may be in more pain because you’re sleep deprived. I get asked the question “what are the best positions to sleep in?” The answer to this question is “whatever is the most comfortable for you”. You’ll see articles on the internet saying that stomach sleeping is bad, side sleeping is bad, on your back with your knees elevated is good.

I’m not one to compromise sleep. No position is too awkward or wrong as long as you feel comfortable. 

Action steps:You have permission to assume whatever position makes you feel the best. This video can help you find that position. One last tip, if you haven’t done this, rotate your mattress. That means pivoting the head of the bed to the foot, and vice versa. The weight distribution change is also extremely helpful.


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