How’s your rib cage?

Tight rib cage = more pain.

Why this matters:

Breathing is an essential part of life. Without it, we’d all be dead. The rib cage gets stiffer as we age. But we need to have this area expand and contract in order for our bodies to operate normally. A stiff rib cage can result in faulty breathing mechanics, tight shoulders, tight lower back and tight hips. You’ll notice that you need to improve your breathing if you’ve been stretching every day and your body still feels tight. 

Action steps:

If your sciatica tolerates spinal flexion, this breathing technique can be helpful. I like to spend about 2 minutes breathing in this position (about 2 hours upon waking). You’ll notice you can take a deeper breath and feel the tension melt away in your spine.If you can’t tolerate forward bending, then laying on your back in the 90/90 position can be helpful.


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