Meditation helps

10 minutes of daily meditation helps with chronic pain

Why this is important:

We live in a busy world and are constantly bombarded with distractions left and right. Our brains are overwhelmed leading to heightened sensitivity to pain. A research article in 2017 highlighted the impact of meditation (mindfulness) on chronic pain (pain more than 12 weeks). Simply putting the mind into the present, with a focus on breathing reduces stress and pain. This is great news especially if you have yet to find relief from exercises or medication.

Action steps:

Take 10 minutes today and focus on the present. You can simply put your phone on silent, and breathe slowly. Listen to your breath. Focus on your breath. If you have any thoughts or distractions that enter your mind, gently return your focus to your breathing. If 10 minutes is too long, try out 5. Reply to this email with how you feel. 


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