Pain in the morning? Try this!

You’re getting out of bed wrong.

Why this matters:

The water content of our discs is the greatest after a night’s sleep. As a result, if you’re dealing with disc issues, then the mornings may feel a little more irritating than the evening. As the day goes on, the water content of the discs start to decrease and the pressure on the nerves reduce, hence less pain in the afternoons. If arthritis is causing your pain, it’s usually due to the sedentary nature of sleeping. You’ll feel more stiff in the morning, and then as you get moving, things will feel better.

Getting from lying (supine) to upright sitting can be a challenge if you’re dealing with either of the issues. But it doesn’t have to be.

Action steps:A simple log roll to get up to sitting can be helpful. Rather than twisting at the spine, your body will move as one functional unit as you get up. This minimizes any shear force on the spine, which can prevent the pain from coming on. This is also a gentle core strengthening exercise that is safe to complete. This video shows you exactly how to roll out of bed.


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