Pain with kettlebell swings?

You’re doing kettlebell swings wrong.

Why this matters:

I love kettlebell swings. It teaches the optimal hip hinge with power. Strength is the ability to generate force or movement; power on the other hand, is both strength and speed (moving something quickly). Power is important because it is something that we lose as we age, and we need it to walk up the stairs, jog, and even move out of the way of a moving bus. But this movement can be scary especially when dealing with sciatica. It doesn’t have to be.

Action steps:Hinging the hips is the name of the game. The hips should be moving forward and backward, not up and down; this is when people get hurt the most. The kettlebell hike is a great stepping stone into this motion as there is limited hip movement, but we are simulating the same type of position for the bottom portion of the swing. If done correctly, you’ll have no pain and your hamstrings will be working.


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