Pickleball and sciatica pain

You need your hips to play pickleball/racquet sports.

Why this matters:

Sports like pickleball and tennis can be pursued even into the later stages of life. This is because it is relatively low impact (except running for the ball). Although the learning curve for pickleball is easier than tennis, there are some things to consider before playing to ensure that you play without pain.

1) Use your hips. Focusing on moving at the hips allows you to build up the power and control of the forehand and backhand. As a result, you’ll have much less twisting at the back as well as saving your neck/shoulder, elbow, and from pain.

2) Exhale every time you hit the ball. This creates extra stability in the core. The more stable you are, the less sheer force you accumulate over hours and hours of play.

3) Have fun. Life is all about having a good time. So the moment it stops being fun, that is a good sign that you should take a break.

Action steps:This video is a great explainer on how to use your hips and abs for both tennis and pickleball.


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