Rock Your Hips

I have another hip stretch for you.

Why this matters:

If your hips aren’t moving enough, that motion needs to be made up somewhere else. The low back will have to move a little more to compensate for the lack of motion at the hips. Although the back was designed for some movement, it was not made for excessive movement. Which is why it’s so important to lift with your hips and not your back.

Having too much motion can lead to pain either through a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or the combination of the two. We can avoid this by focusing on moving the hips more.

Action steps:This stretch called the quad rocker can help you differentiate between your low back and your hips. It provides a gentle and safe stretch which allows you to move freely at the hip joint. I usually spend about 2 minutes in this position and go about my day.


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