Sciatic Nerve Stretch?

You may be stretching your sciatic nerve too much.

Why this matters:

Research has shown that stretching or mobilizing the sciatic nerve through flossing can be helpful. I’m a huge fan of this technique, but the challenge here is that people often stretch the nerve too much; and it is a sensitive nerve, especially when in pain. The key to success is applying just enough movement to let the nerve run free. What’s really nice about flossing the nerve (moving it), is that the motion lubricates the nerve, improves blood flow, and can reduce pain.

Action steps:This is my favorite progression for sciatic nerve flossing. As you can see there are levels that ascend into more motion. Remember, when in pain, the nerve is sensitive; a little goes a long way. No more than 10 repetitions, 2 times per day.


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