Stop wasting your time

Are you doing stretches in both directions? You may be slowing your recovery time.

Why this matters:

When you’re in an active state of pain, your priority is to reduce that pain before doing anything else. However, sometimes the series of stretches you’re doing can be counterproductive. For example the McKenzie Prone Press-up paired with a forward fold. The press-up was designed for people who’s pain improves with extension; and if pain improves with extension, then most likely flexion (or rounding) based activities will make things worse. The exact opposite is true when dealing with something like arthritis that feels better with rounding activities (and then are also prescribed press-ups) Unfortunately, I’ve seen countless rehab programs that contain both exercises.

You don’t need to be in this vicious cycle of pain relief and flare ups.

Action steps:

Take a look at your current routine. Are there any stretches that are the exact opposite of each other? Which one feels better? Which one feels worse? You have permission to do more of the activities that make you feel great, and to eliminate the ones that don’t. No need to waste your time on exercises that don’t help.


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