The cure for flat feet

There is an easier way to fix flat feet.

Why this matters:

Flat feet, aka “pes planus”, is the flattening of the plantar arch of the foot. This is caused by foot muscle weakness, hip tightness, and hip rotation weakness. Having this foot shape results in the knees buckling, causing the pelvis to rotate forward, increase tension in the hamstrings, tighten up the hip flexors, irritate the piriformis, and can cause sciatica.

There are orthopedic insoles that can be added to your shoes to help with this. However, I have another way.

Action steps:

Shift your weight onto the outer edges of your feet. You’ll notice that your arches return and your knees no longer buckle. You may also notice that the outer edges of your hips are active, but in a good way. This video explains it in more detail.

It may be hard to practice, but this might be the exact reason as to why you may need to practice this daily.


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