The order of operations

There is more to sciatica pain relief than just back extensions.

Why this matters:

The low back was designed to bend forward/backward… But also designed to bend side to side and twist. This means that there are at least 4 more motions that can be helpful for your pain. Most sciatica pain programs will have you focus on McKenzie press ups, or misdirected motions. But when you’re in an active state of pain, especially if you know your triggers, there is a position/movement that will reduce your pain. The key is to find the next step in the progression for you.

Action steps:

If you’ve exhausted back extensions, perhaps revisit forward bending (like touching your toes). Or, investigate leaning side to side. You may determine that one side feels better than the other.

But if you’ve reached a plateau in even side bending, you can look at how rotation treats your pain. There are a lot of variations to this. However, the key is finding the position that brings you the most relief. Most likely it is one direction that will help you with your pain. Focus on that.

And if you’ve exhausted rotation, try combining motions together. There are a countless number of variations that we can do to solve your pain problem.

If you need help trying to figure this out, book your free call with us today.


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