Tight Calves?

Your calf muscles work so hard.

Why this matters:

The calf muscles are the workhorses of the body. They are responsible for the push off phase of walking, and rarely get any love. When you have tight calves, it can present itself in a multitude of ways: toes out when walking, and a rotated pelvis. This can lead to tight hips and irritation of the sciatic nerve (extension intolerance). You can give your calves some love by stretching them out. However, I prefer giving them more of a massage.

Action steps:In this video, you can either roll out your calves sitting up or lying down (depending on what your spine prefers). The key is to find the tender spots and work them out. I usually recommend 2 minutes per side. You’ll notice that the calf muscles will be looser and perhaps the pain will be a lot less when moving around.


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