Top 3 equipment recommendations

You need a foam roller, notebook, and a yoga mat for the best recovery.

Why this matters:

A foam roller is great for self myofascial release (aka, massage) as it takes up very little room and you can address a lot of areas with it. Foam rolling improves blood flow and can prepare your body to move. I like addressing the quadriceps if the front of the hips feel tight, or the hamstrings if the backside feels tight.

A notebook (aka pain journal) is one of the most underrated tools for pain relief. We need to identify your triggers and relieving activities so that we can formulate a plan of action to recover. No detail is too minute. You can break down your day hour by hour. You’ll be surprised by what it shows.

You don’t need a ton of space to address your pain. In fact, if you can space out an area the size of a yoga mat, that is plenty of room. You’ll be able to complete more than enough exercises in that space without encroaching on other areas. This is the same exact size of area that I work with clients virtually.

Action steps:

Go and find these items. More often than not, they’re in your house. If not, a website like Amazon is great, or you can go to your local sporting goods store to find one. If you can’t find them, your local physical therapy office may be able to help.

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