Walk up a hill

Uphill walking is better than flat ground and downhill.

Why this matters:

One common concern when dealing with sciatica pain is minimizing impact. We need to have impact to make our bones strong, with the caveat that we need to also have spinal stability to ensure that the forces are distributed throughout the right areas of the body (hips and thigh bones). Without the right stability, the spine takes a “beating” resulting in extra motion and possibly more nerve irritation. Walking uphill has shown to reduce the impact (aka “ground reaction”) forces as compared to walking on flat land or downhill. This means that you’ll get a better workout/sweat/heart rate elevation without putting too much stress on your joints.


Simply adding a slight increase in the incline will make it more challenging while sparing your joints, especially your back. You’ll notice that your core will active more aggressively too, which is a great thing.

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