When and how did your pain start?

The more detailed your story is the better for your recovery.

Why this matters:

When you answer the following questions: When did pain start? How did pain start? How has pain changed since it started? We learn a few things:

The first question addresses when it started. This helps us determine two things, an acute issue (less than 12 weeks) or a chronic issue (longer than 12 weeks). In the acute stage, we are dealing with mostly inflammation; during this time we’re looking at protection, reducing inflammation, and pain free movement. A chronic issue will require a little more finesse, we would have to ask why this is happening. Usually in the chronic stage, we’re dealing with longstanding stiffness, muscle imbalances, and doing activities incorrectly.

How the pain started also tells us a few things about the injury. If it was a traumatic issue (like a fall), we are for sure dealing with inflammation and protection of the area. If we hurt it during a specific activity (say lifting weights), then we are dealing with a possible overworked muscle/area, and it requires us to view the suspicious activity. If the pain gradually came on without any warning or event, that means we have to look at general movement (what stresses throughout our lives is a contributing factor to this pain?)

The last question of how has the pain changed since it started; we are looking at how is your pain behaving? If your pain is getting worse, what activities are the triggers for your pain? If your pain is getting better, we have to identify, is it a normal process of healing, or are there behaviors you’re doing that are helping you out.

All of these questions are important as it helps the provider create a plan that is focused on your recovery.

Action steps:

If you haven’t done so already. Answer the three questions above in the greatest detail as possible. Did you notice any clues as to how you can recover? Present this to your provider the next time you meet. Or if you can’t wait and want to address your pain in less than 15 minute per day; book your free strategy call and learn more about how the Patient Advocate Program can help you. You can book here.


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