Words of encouragement

As frustrating as it seems, you will recover from Sciatica pain.

Why this matters:

By simply changing your thought process from “this will last forever” to “I will recover from this pain” already puts you a step ahead in your recovery. This mindset shift allows you to change your perspective and put on track to finding the right solutions for yourself. If you’re reading this now, you’re on the right path.

Action steps:

Make a two column list. On the left side, write down all of the activities that you can do without increasing your pain (what is tolerable?). Take a moment and celebrate that today. 

On the right side, write down all of the activities that you can’t do (yet). Come up with an action plan to start taking on those new challenges. Do you want to run? Try walking up hill. Do you want to sit longer without pain? Record how long you can tolerate, and try to increase that time by 15% every time. 

Share both lists by replying to this email.

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