You need this for pain relief

Give yourself permission to do what is necessary to heal.

Why this matters:

The first step in pain relief is to focus on the activities that bring you the most relief. This may be challenging as you will come across millions of articles as to why the exercise is bad for your pain. The truth is that the pain you’re dealing with is entirely unique to you. Sciatica pain is not just caused by a herniated disc, not just by arthritis. It’s your nervous system that is asking to be placed in a position of relief. No position, stretch, or exercise is too awkward.

Action steps:

Do you feel best when you hunch forward? Hunch more. Do you feel best when lying flat on your back? Lie flat on your back. Do you feel amazing when you twist in a specific direction? Do exactly that.

You have permission to assume the positions that you need to get better.


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