Your pain behaviors

Your pain reactions will influence the exercises/stretches you need to do.

Why this matters:

We follow a simple 3 step process for pain recovery. 1) Focus on the activities/stretches/exercises that reduce your pain. 2) Modify or remove activities that increase your pain. 3) Establish a plan to get you back to normal function. But how can we act on these three points? By looking at pain behaviors, or how your pain changes throughout the day with/without activity.

Action steps: 

Answer these questions: What makes your pain feel better? Are there any positions or stretches/exercises that help your pain?- Do more of these activities. What stretches put you in similar positions as these activities? 

What makes your pain feel worse?- Do less of these activities or modify them so they do not hurt. Are you doing any stretches that emulate these positions?

How long does it take for your pain to return back to normal levels?- This determines how sensitive your pain is. 

What activities, stretches, or exercises do not affect your pain?- This helps us identify neutral activities and you can do these without fear.

You see, the information to help you recover is there. However, we need to have these questions answered so that we can figure out the solution.

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