The optimal set up for cycling with back pain

You can stretch and exercise all you want to minimize your low back pain. However, if the setup on the spin bike isn’t allowing you ...
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Q&A: Can I cycle with back pain?

Cycling is excellent way to get your exercise in even with having low back pain because it is a relatively low impact activity. In today’s ...
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How to sleep with back pain

Back pain can make sleeping difficult and painful. I often get asked the following questions: what is the best mattress for back pain, and what ...
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The truth about muscle relaxers

Muscle relaxers are a commonly prescribed medication for back pain and sciatica. Some doctors and physical therapists swear by them while others don’t. Regardless though, ...
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The deal with spinal decompression

Spinal decompression can be extremely helpful for herniated discs, arthritis, and sciatica. They are often performed using expensive heavy duty machines offered at certain clinics. ...
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The deal with topical pain creams

Topical pain creams can be helpful with sore muscles and achy joints. However, they won’t: cure you of your back pain, fix your posture, change ...
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When your pain needs true medical intervention

We are specialists in treating pain with lifestyle modifications, nutrition and good quality movement. As a result, we are able to help clients get out ...
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The deal with chronic pain

Chronic pain is more than just physical ailments affecting your body. It goes a lot deeper; there is a mental aspect that can be just ...
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What is nerve pain?

Sometimes pain lasts beyond 6-8 weeks, which falls outside the healing window for most injuries. Nerve pain is often associated with longer term injuries, and ...
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Tissue injury = pain

True tissue injury is a common cause of pain. There are a few stages of healing: inflammatory, profileration and maturation. Each stage is responsible for ...
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