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Rehab by text

Are you looking for more help in your sciatica relief journey? Our patient advocate program is an easy to use text program where you interact

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Knees out!

You need to stretch your inner thighs. Why this matters: One area that often gets overlooked is the inner thigh. It consists of our hip

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Better than a plank hold

Planks are overrated. Why this matters: The plank hold is a common exercise to promote core stability and is often programmed in sciatica pain relief

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In pain? Start here.

Welcome to the functional rehab podcast. We’re here to help you better understand your body and how to recover from your injuries. In this episode,

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Invisible Glute Muscle

You have three glute muscles (maximus, medius, minimus) Why this matters: One of the common culprits of sciatica pain is the piriformis. But what if

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New Piriformis Exercise

Clamshells are great, but there’s a better option. Why this matters: A common way to strengthen the piriformis is to execute clamshells. That’s when you’re

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Pain in the butt?

You don’t need a piriformis stretch. Why this matters: One of the first lines of defense most sciatica programs implement is the piriformis stretch (aka

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