Penis Pain and Sciatica?

Did you know that the nerves that serve the penis (pudendal nerve) share similar nerve roots with the sciatic nerve? Today we meet Dr. Di ...
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The order of operations

There is more to sciatica pain relief than just back extensions. Why this matters: The low back was designed to bend forward/backward… But also designed ...
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Better than pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts will only get you so far. Why this matters: Pelvic tilting is a great activity for those dealing with an anterior pelvic tilt ...
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Pilates for sciatica pain

Pilates is a great way to build strength in your core, but be careful. Why this matters: I love pilates as an exercise modality because ...
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Muscle Relaxants and Sciatica Pain

What are muscle relaxants? How do they work? Why are they prescribed? What do we need to consider when taking medication like this? Today we ...
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Cure for tight hamstrings

You’re missing out if you are only “stretching” your hamstrings. Why this matters: Hamstring tension may be a cause of sciatica pain. Tight hamstrings may ...
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Considering a lumbar roll?

Not all lumbar rolls are created equal. Why this matters: If your sciatica pain is caused by a herniated disc: hurts more with forward bending ...
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What are your pain triggers?

Knowing what makes your pain worse is extremely important. Why this matters: Your pain is like a scab. It will heal over time. However, with ...
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NSAIDs and Sciatica Pain

You’ve probably come across Advil and Motrin for pain at some point in your life. These are easily accessible and cheap. They belong to a ...
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Kitchen management with sciatica pain

You can be in the kitchen without sciatica pain. Why this matters: For many folks in the US, tomorrow is a big day spent in ...
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