8 days left…

Action step: enjoy the weekend and recover from the last few days!

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There are 9 days left…

Use "bright spots” as a way to boost motivation and avoid quitting on January 19th!

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There are only 10 days left…

Don’t be another statistic!

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We’re turning 3!

It’s time to partayy!

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Read this if you play intramural sports

You need these three things before starting with a sport as an adult

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And that’s when I chugged a whole bottle in one sitting…

Are you drinking enough water?

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This is the secret to endless motivation

Practice this on a weekly basis and I guarantee that you’ll never lose motivation

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Are you not feeling like yourself anymore?

Don’t be limited by your age!

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What do Drew Barrymore and Kerry Washington have in common?

Read more to learn how you can make your 40s the best decade ever!

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It’s hard to ignore this when you’re in your 40s…

Turning 40 is just the beginning!

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